How will we spend our week?

There are over one thousand islands in Croatia (all rocks count!), which makes it a perfect area for sailing. The water in Croatia is crystal clear, the islands are relatively close to one another, and in the summer there is consistently good weather.


Our week will typically start on a Saturday afternoon. When and where we sail out will depend solely on us and on the weather conditions. We will always respect the forces of nature. This is one beauty of sailing: it becomes ever so clear that we are part of a greater, ever-changing entity (weather systems, seasons, tides according to moon phases, and so much more).

Summer cinema

Generally, we will only sail from island to island and will not touch the mainland until we return the boat. We will have complete freedom and will decide together what we will do. I always tailor my suggestions to best accommodate the type of holiday you wish to have.


You are an active part of this sailing holiday. You cast off the docking lines, hoist the sails and take the helm. Don’t worry, in a week you can easily learn all the sailing terms, some basic knots along with how to set the sails and take over the steering.


Usually, around the middle of our week together, we will stay two nights in the same bay or port — It is nice to take the time and explore the island, get in contact with the locals, or just swim and read in a bay. Rushing between islands to see more would of course end up with you seeing less.


We will try to see at least one sunrise every week and at least one sunset (but almost certainly more). These are special times of the day when we can connect with the universe and align our consciousness to the rhythm of nature.


Each day starts with honoring earth and sky and the four celestial directions: east, south, west, and north. We breathe in the different qualities they represent and unite all forces in our heart to become one with all and to shine from within.

I will also do my morning exercises aboard, on the beach, or maybe in a nice corner of the village that we are moored in. My routine is based on different gi-gong exercises that I have learned from various masters, and if you are interested you are welcome to join. We can also share different movements and simply stretch any muscles that may feel a bit sore. In the evening, at sunset, we will take the time for a short meditation, calming our minds and feeling gratitude for our day.


Every week will have a mindful theme where we will learn and grow, choose your theme for  the week. We can also agree on or create a theme together upon booking: our options for personalisation are endless. I am looking forward to us inspiring each other. The goal is to know, use, and share our talents to elevate others as well as ourselves.