Choose from the following themes to guide us through the week


Sailing with Mindfulness

Welcome the symbolism of sailing into your consciousness: we leave the mainland behind, our everyday life, and immerse into a spacious new world. Learn to rely on the wind, on a higher power, on the divine, and on your inner voice that leads you. The surroundings will help to calm our mind, meditate, pray, connect and infuse the days with mindfulness.

A week to joyfully harmonize and liberate your shining self.

Take home new horizons from within.

meet the locals

Meet the Locals

We will get to know the different Croats living on the islands: artists, craftsmen, farmers, and more. Immerse yourself in a laid-back way of life, where time has a different meaning. The best way to get to know a country is to mingle with the locals. I will of course help with the language and You will be surprised how friendly most people get when they see your interest in them and their life. I will be happy if you share this interest and we will have lots of chances to meet magical and inspiring people.

discover plants

Discover local plants

This is a week to get in touch with the flora and fauna of these beautiful islands. After we sail to a new island, we will walk around and collect wild healing plants like rosemary, thyme, and sage. We learn about their properties and use them for tea or as seasoning. We will also pick seasonal fruits like figs and capers, and we can visit local producers of olive oil and wine. If interest be, under professional guidance we can make our own herbal soaps, creams and remedies.

The Five Elements Tour

The Five Elements Tour

Each day will be dedicated to one of the five elements based on ancient Taoist knowledge: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each day we will fully immerse ourselves in one element and explore its many aspects — its sound, taste, energy type, related foods, the corresponding organs in our own bodies, and much more. After exploring each element, we will learn about their impact on each other, and harmonize all five elements within us. If you have no previous knowledge of the five elements, this is a great chance to get a feel of it. If you are familiar with the Taoist Way, this is a great chance to experience the elements in their purity, including a related ceremony at the end of each day.